Worker's Compensation Disputes

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Just because you have suffered an injury or illness covered under worker's compensation and followed all the proper steps filing a claim does not mean that you will be granted benefits. Insurance companies often look to save money, and will utilize a variety of tactics to deny claims, including those that are perfectly legitimate.

However, if you believe that your claim has been unfairly denied, there are legal options available. Our Willmar workers' compensation attorneys at Schneider & Madsen P.C. are the "workers' comp guys," and have extensive experience assisting clients with resolving their disputed claims. Whether through mediation or filing a "Request for Benefit Review Conference," we are determined to do whatever is necessary to help you receive the benefits you need to recover and continue on with life.

Some reasons that the insurance company may give for denying your claim include:

  • Suspicion of a fraudulent claim
  • The illness or injury did not occur at the workplace
  • The individual had a pre-existing condition
  • The claim was not made in a timely manner
  • There was insufficient evidence to grant the claim
  • The individual did not submit to a timely medical examination

Has the Insurance Company Made a Mistake or Acted in Bad Faith?

If you have a legitimate claim and have followed all the necessary steps, there is no reason that you should not be entitled to the benefits you need. Unfortunately, insurance companies are susceptible to making mistakes and sometimes even act in bad faith to deny the claim. Due to time limits in place, it is critical to act immediately if you have a disputed claim. Our workers' compensation lawyers are ready to hear your situation during a free consultation and do everything in our power to resolve your dispute.

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