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Duty of Care & Common Safety Hazards on Property

In the State of Minnesota, the owners or managers of property are expected to maintain their premises and ensure that they are reasonably safe for individuals who are on it. If there is a safety hazard that they either are aware of or should be aware of, it is their duty to fix it or properly warn of its dangers. When property owners or managers fail to exercise their duty of care, serious injury may result and they may be held liable for damages through a personal injury claim.

Some examples of safety hazards that may fall under premises liability law include:

  • Slippery surfaces due to rain, ice, snow, or even spills
  • Improperly gated swimming pools
  • Uneven sidewalks or walkways
  • Loose carpet
  • Safety hazards on stairways, such as missing handrails
  • Poorly-lit parking lots or other outdoor spaces
  • Inadequate or nonexistent security measures

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Business Invitees, Social Visitors, & Illegal Trespassers

Under Minnesota law, different types of individuals on the property are owed different duties of care by the landowner, manager, or tenant. A business invitee, such as a customer in a restaurant or commercial establishment, is owed the highest duty of care, and, for them, safety hazards must be addressed in a reasonable time or warned about. Visitors are owed the second highest duty of care and trespassers are owed the lowest.

Fighting for the Fair Compensation You Deserve

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